MODE VITAL – Photography Workshops

MODE VITAL was formed in 2017 by founders Mike Barrett and Graham Binns.

The business was established to promote excellence in photography and to deliver practical skills courses and workshops to a wide range of people with all levels of ability. 

MODE VITAL was set up with a vision to deliver educational excellence in photography.

Over the years both Graham and Mike have heard the phrase, “Oh, I wish I could take photos like that” whenever people have encountered the types of imagery that they both produce. They are both extremely passionate about all the the mechanisms of photography, the places that it constantly takes them both and the wonderful imagery that they end up creating on their travels. From this shared passion the idea of MODE VITAL was born. Brilliant Educational Workshops coupled with New Media Vlogs, Tips & Tricks, Competitions, Image Appraisals and Critiques and much more. A complete journey of discovery into everything photography.  

What does ‘MODE VITAL’ mean?

Pronounced:  Mode Veetaal

In essence it means ‘Process Necessary’. Photography is who we are and what we do (modus operandi) and it is (vital) to us that we keep doing what we do. 



1. A way or manner in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done. synonyms: manner, way, fashion, means, method, system, style, approach, technique, procedure, process, methodology, modus operandi, form, routine, practice
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MODE VITAL is all about excellence in photography. We are passionate about skill sharing, photographic equipment and its uses, location spotting and light chasing, portrait photography, landscape photography, digital editing and post production processes, the pros and cons of making great imagery and getting the best from your chosen subject matter.