Mam Tor Peak District Photography Course

Mam Tor – Kit & Composition – Peak District Photography Course

Location: Peak District – Mam Tor
Day Workshop – £120.00

Exertion Level: Moderate (uneven sometimes wet terrain/steps)


Available dates: Wednesday 18th September 2019 & Wednesday 18th March 2020

This is a brilliant 10 people workshop if you are starting out in photography and would like to get a good sense of what your camera can do and how you can get the best out of the kit that you have. Improve your skill set and learn how to spot good compositions. Fill your lungs with the fabulous country air and get the shots that stir you soul. No previous experience is required but you must be physically fit enough to walk up hills and steps and be ready for varying weather changing conditions.

This course will have you learning about your camera controls and understanding aperture, ISO and shutter speed (The Exposure Triangle). How these 3 settings play a factor in every photo, how to control them and work with them to develop your photography skills. Unlock the potential of your SLR, DSLR or Bridge camera in the Peak District. Whether you a total beginner and only ever shoot in auto mode or you already have some experience, we will help you get the most out of your camera. During the day you will have the guidance of two experienced photography instructors with a maximum of only 6 students in total. 

It’s name means ‘mother hill’ and is 517m hill near Castleton in the High Peak of Derbyshire, England. The climb to the summit offers surrounding vistas with rolling hills, valleys, peaks, ridges and winding roads to mention a few as a virtually 360 degree view. The light, clouds and weather offer the landscape photographer challenging but delightful conditions to capture this beautiful landscape.

We will be at your side to talk you through the surrounding compositions and work with you and your photographic equipment to help capture the ever changing conditions. Understanding the capabilities of what you have in your camera bag is essential and this course can help you get the most out of your camera, lenses, filters and accessories etc.

Essentially this course will help you take full control of your camera so you can leave ‘auto’ behind, using your photographic kit to its full potential whilst developing your photographic and creative skills.

The session will end with refreshments at a local tearoom. Graham and Mike will be on hand to answer any additional questions and evaluate a sample of the sessions shots with constructive criticism where needed.


Photographic Equipment Essential Requirements:

• Camera and Lenses
• Memory Card/s. You should bring at least a 32GB card
• Camera manual
• Full battery plus at least 1 spare
• Tripod

Optional items (not necessary but may prove beneficial)

◦ Remote shutter release (usually a cable but smart phones can sometimes pair with certain cameras)
◦ Filters: e.g. Polarising / Neutral Density / Graduated Neutral Density
◦ Monopod – not required if you bring your tripod
◦ Any other accessories
(If you would like some advice on any equipment, clothing or accessories please do not hesitate to just ask and we will help as much as possible. We can assist with some of these if required and we do carry spare kit and extra tripods etc. We can also arrange a rental service whereas all the gear will be ready for you to use on the day, all you will need is a memory card to take your amazing images home with you.
◦ Packed lunch – we can provide a cool bag lunch and drinks for the day

Other Clothing / Equipment: 

Clothing / Footwear / Protection
• Waterproof Jacket and Trousers. These should be Goretex or equivalent material.
• Windproof jacket for dry but windy conditions
• Fleece top & Jacket
• Walking Boots / socks and at least one other pair of footwear.
• A change of footwear other than your walking boots.
• Head protection: One or both of fleece or waterproof hat which protects ears
• Gloves. Waterproof and / or ‘Windblock’ Fleece pair. Fingerless gloves are also useful for
accessing dials.
• Golf umbrella made from carbon fibre. Wind resistant ones are best. This is particularly handy for shooting in a changeable climate.

Other items for location use:

• Mobile Phone. We will need your mobile phone number in advance
• Flask for hot drinks
• Walking stick if you prefer

Not included in the course:

– Insurance for your equipment 
– Food and drinks unless pre-arranged at an additional cost
– We will be stopping for Lunch at a pub
– Driving between locations. 

Cancellation or bad weather:

– If we need to cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances or bad weather then another date will be offered in replacement for the original date. Alternatively a full refund will be offered.