Leave Auto Behind – Photography Course

Leave AUTO Behind – Kit and Composition Photography Course

Location: Cannon Hall. West Yorkshire
£99.00 (4 Hours) 6 People Workshop

Exertion Level: Easy 


Available dates: Wednesday 9th October 2019

Have you got new kit? New lens’s? New Tripod and it all makes no sense?
This gentle and fun workshop is the one for you.
2 Hours pause for lunch and another 2 hours (10 people).

This course will have you learning about your camera controls and understanding aperture, ISO and shutter speed (The Exposure Triangle). How these 3 settings play a factor in every photo, how to control them and work with them to develop your photography skills.

The aim is to leave ‘AUTO’ behind and use your camera to its full potential, using and being confident in ‘MANUAL’ is the objective but we will work through other modes your camera has such as:

Aperture Priority
Shutter Priority
Manual Mode

We will start with the basics and use jargon free language to help you understand all these important elements of using manual mode.
Test Shots and appraisals.


Photographic Equipment
Essential requirements:
– Camera and Lenses
– Memory Card/s. You should bring at least a 32GB card
– Camera manual
– Full battery plus at least 1 spare
– Tripod

Optional items (not necessary but may prove beneficial)
– Remote shutter release (usually a cable but smart phones can sometimes pair with certain cameras)
– Filters: e.g. Polarising / Neutral Density / Graduated Neutral Density
– Monopod – not required if you bring your tripod
Any other accessories
(If you would like some advice on any equipment, clothing or accessories please do not hesitate to just ask and we will help as much as possible. We can assist with some of these if required and we do carry spare kit and extra tripods etc. We can also arrange a rental service whereas all the gear will be ready for you to use on the day, all you will need is a memory card to take your amazing images home with you.
– Packed lunch – we can provide a cool bag lunch and drinks for the day (extra cost)

Other Clothing / Equipment

Clothing / Footwear / Protection

– Waterproof Jacket and Trousers. These should be Goretex or equivalent material.
– Windproof jacket for dry but windy conditions
– Fleece top & Jacket
– Walking Boots / socks and at least one other pair of footwear. Wellies are useful for this course.
 – A change of footwear other than your walking boots.
 – Head protection: One or both of fleece or waterproof hat which protects ears
 – Gloves. Waterproof and / or ‘Windblock’ Fleece pair. Fingerless gloves are also useful for
accessing dials.
 – Golf umbrella made from carbon fibre. Wind resistant / storm proof ones are best for the landscape photographer. This is particularly handy for shooting in a changeable climate.

Other items:

– Mobile Phone. We will need your mobile phone number in advance
– Flask for hot drinks
– Walking stick to help on unsteady ground if you wish

Not included in the course:

– Insurance for your equipment 
– Food and drinks unless pre-arranged at an additional cost
– We will be stopping for Lunch at a pub
– Driving between locations. 

Cancellation or bad weather:

– If we need to cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances or bad weather then another date will be offered in replacement for the original date. Alternatively a full refund will be offered.