Peak District – Watery Inferno

Landscape photography is it’s own reward, in as much that it gets you out into the big wide world, breathing in fresh air and discovering new and interesting places over and over again. Invariably you’ll […]

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Setting Up The Shot – Goit Stock Falls

Dedication is all about squeezing yourself into the most precarious of places in order to get the shot. Some places are more treacherous than others. This one’s not too tricky but it is still a […]

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Looking Back at some Old Prints

I have been having a lot of conversations lately about film photography and the art of developing, as Graham has taken a keen interest in the subject matter in recent months. See his blog post […]

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The Buzz of Shooting with Film

Since February this year I have been shooting more and more film. Ive been experimenting with a few different films in both my 35mm Canon AE1-Program and my medium format 120 Bronica ETRSi. Day to […]

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